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Continued Growth = New Employee

Published: 2014-07-02 11:13:19

With another year of steady growth we have employed Richard Brownlow to help with quotes and other general enquiries.
Some of our UK customers have met Richard as we have travelled out and about seeing you, many others by now would have spoken to or received emails from him.
This is a great time for someone like Richard to join us as we continue to look at ways of improving our Flow Monitors so they will reliably work for your specific applications. That is one of the greatest things with the Flow Switches we supply, they are bespoke to you and your water monitoring, oil monitoring or other switching requirement. We can supply them with standard female thread connections as well as male thread, hose connection, different inlet to outlet size. We would love to quote you for all of your oil meter, (safe) gas, and water meter applications.
Remember to ask yourself "can a Flow-Mon do that?" you will be surprised at the amount of times the answer will be yes!!

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