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This is a small selection of our wide range of Flow Meters.

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Product information

At Flow-mon we specialise in the supply of flow meters, flow devices and control instrumentation designed for manufacturing and process industries. Our extensive range of flow indicators has the answer to any flow monitoring application, no matter how simple or complex.

Where a visual indication is enough to gauge consistency of system flow, we provide robust ball and spinner sight indicators, which utilise glass domes for simple visual verification.

Where the observation of fluid characteristics is required, typically in plant settings involving lubricant or coolant flow to compressors, engines and pumps, our spout and flap double window sight glass indicators are ideal.

For more intricate applications, our water and oil indicators and monitors are available in a variety of sizes, incorporating numerous of features and functions, including flow switches, spring loaded valve plates and mechanical pointers to indicate the flow on an individually calibrated scale. With the capability to handle almost all liquids and gases (safe gas), our water and oil indicators are sure to meet your requirements.

If you can't find the right flow meter to replace your old one, please give Flow-mon a call and let us know exactly what you are looking for. Thanks to our Harrogate based factory, we are able to produce bespoke flow monitors with different inlet and outlet fittings, switching requirements, body materials and various other tailored solutions.

Please be aware that the flow meters on this page are just a small number of the wide range that we offer. To find the right product for you and your business, please visit our Search page

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